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yesterday I watched the first season of the walking dead…

so yeah have zombie-supportclasses :D you know because its october and all that




no this is by Lintufriikki, please don’t use tf2chan as a source




no this is by Lintufriikki, please don’t use tf2chan as a source


OK LISTEN tumblr has a FOUR DOTS LIMITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u send a message with more than FOUR DOTS LIKE THIS…. (count ‘em…..five dots) it will not send. ALSO if u use dots and dont use a space after them like this…it will not send. just a psa this probably answers a lot of question u have had over the years about where your messages have gone when they didnt go through please spread the word save a life

novatheblumedic asked:
'Spitting Teeth'


"THE FUCK?" Yeah, just because he was dead didn’t mean that hurt any less. 

Out comes his shiv. Oops.

"Oops." The Medic chuckles and turns heal, running.


  • "You'll be fine."
  • "I'm afraid it's very fatal."
  • "These test results..don't make any sense."
  • "How far can your arm go before it breaks?"
  • "I'll carve your eyes out with a spoon."
  • "What does he have that I don't"
  • "Why did he choose her instead of me?"
  • "..Why?"
  • "Make as many stab wounds as you want."
  • "I am destined as your tool."
  • "The girl must die."
  • "The boy must die."
  • "I want to taste your blood on my lips."
  • "Where do we go from here?"
  • "These voices..cease to let me be."
  • "I..can't stop crying."
  • "Use me as you will."
  • "None of it matters now."
  • "Shadows fallow my every step."
  • "You've gone..completely mad."
  • "I'm barking mad."
  • "Winter is coming."
  • "I could kill you right now."
  • "You..You're dead!"
  • "May the lord have mercy on your soul."
  • "The mental ward let me out early this year."
  • "Oh how i miss the voices."
  • "Everyone is equal when they're dead."
  • "Cancel Christmas."
  • "Bring me more war."
  • "I love war."
  • "I piss on your traditions."
  • "I hate your heart."
  • "I hate your soul."
  • "I promise, you won't feel a thing."
  • "Bring her to me."
  • "Bring him to me."
  • "A few holes in the head give the madness more space."
  • "I hate everything about you."
  • "I will abandon you."
  • "What is that girl up to?"
  • "I am stretched on your grave."
  • "Kill me now.."
  • "If I fall from the grace of God where no murdered ghost can haunt me.."
  • "You are one in from the plank, don't make me push you."
  • "I don't care."
  • "Leave me behind."
  • "Everything you've told me was a lie!"
  • "Everything I've told yo was a lie!"
  • "How could you ever think to leave them behind?"
  • "Someone should nail your feet to the floor."
  • "My last breath will be your curse."
  • "He will KILL you."
  • "She will KILL you."
  • "I did noting."
  • "It was an accident!"
  • "You've killed your own brother!"
  • "I want nothing to do with him!"
  • "How can I possibly trust you?"
  • "Pathetic."
  •  ”Ich denke die Leute hier verstehen nicht, wie verwirrend sie sind.”

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